Prime Print Shop

Serving the Hudson Valley’s professional, municipal and educational communities with full service copies, plotting, scanning and custom printing.

We also do “copy shop stuff”  like rubber stamps, newsletters, postcards, laminating, and faxing.

In a typical month, we make 50,000 small format copies and 40,000 sq. ft. of eng/arch copies

We’re really easy to work with, because we like what we do. We’ll most likely even remember your name.

So, to recap:

• High Volume Copies

Arch/Eng Printing & Scanning

• Large Format Color Scanning

• Business cards, Letterhead and Envelopes

• Custom carbonless forms

• Newletters and general copies

• Full color outdoor banner and signs


You are a few of our favorite things…

Here at Prime Print Shop, we spend most of our days working with professionals and organizations via email and telephone. We do get “walk in” customers, but the majority of our customers work with us remotely. By offering free delivery for most projects and locations, we’re able to bridge the location gap. We work with architects, engineers, land surveyors,...

About this New Website

So, here we have a new website. Remember that old one? Mostly black, had exactly 2 pages? Well, it was never supposed to be around as long as it was. It was a “temp site”, a placeholder to be used until I got my act together and made a “real” website. I guess that takes (me) about 30 months. Because that thing is gone and this thing is… different...